Motorsport UK embarks on its biggest reform of the National
Competition Rules, and we want you to have your say

Motorsport UK is embarking on a fundamental
review and reform of its National Competition
Rules, with a view to implementation on 1st
January 2023.
The aim of the process is to examine, simplify
and modernise the existing regulations, bringing
improvements in structure and ensuring
compatibility with the International Sporting
Code and Motorsport UK’s commitment to
Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion.
To make the rules more accessible for the
membership community, they will be redrafted
using clear and simple language, a more logical
and discipline-specific order, and will eliminate
duplication and the need for cross-referencing.
The format will also give consideration to
mobile compatibility to ensure the document
pages are interactive and responsive across a
variety of digital devices and screen sizes. It is
also intended that the new rules are easy to
revise where necessary.
Motorsport UK is committed to ensuring the new
regulations reflect the views of the community
and is embarking on a period of consultation
with its membership. Later this month we will
be mailing our members with an invitation to
participate in a survey, to help inform our work
in establishing key principles and structure. The
input of both competitors and officials at the
broader strategic level will be vital to ensuring
the success of this significant reform of the rules
that govern motorsport in the UK.

Revolution - February 2021

The consultation will comprise a number of
stages, commencing with the initial survey phase
from 26th February to 31st March. Motorsport
UK will then engage its Rules Committee,
Judicial Committee and National Court Chairs in
the specific redrafting of the regulations, with
input from the Motor Sports Council. Periodically,
we will provide feedback and progress updates
to our members, and further consultation may
also be necessary. It is intended that the rules
are approved by the Board and available online
by July 2022, ready for implementation from 1st
January 2023.
This project is being managed by a working
group, led by Richard Norbury, Motorsport
UK Board Director and Chair of the Judicial
Committee and the Rules Committee, and
comprised of members of Motorsport UK’s
Legal, Regulatory and Sport departments. The
governing body’s Head of Regulatory Jamie
Champkin will draft and deliver the new
National Competition Rules.
Look out for the survey, which will be mailed to
licence holders on Friday 26th February, together
with an email address to enable responders to
share more expansive perspectives.