From a marshal to a top-level competitor, fitness matters in motorsport.
We spoke to sports physiologist Rosa Dakin to find out why it is the key to
success and how a personal tune-up can improve your performance
Motorsport is about getting the best out of your machine, but whether your goal is to win or to
simply avoid aches and pains, you need to look after your body too - and you will be surprised
how much difference even the smallest changes can make.
The physical pressures of competing (and even marshalling) can take its toll on your body and
if you are not well prepared you will not be able to perform at your best.
Rosa Dakin, a sports physiologist with a speciality in grassroots motorsport, explains: “It is vital
to have the right level of fitness to cope with the demands of motorsport. It can help you make
more accurate decisions, reduce your risk of injury and, ultimately, optimise your performance.”
Revolution - September 2021