There are lots of opportunities to get involved in British motorsport. One
of the principal ways is to become a Registered Marshal with Motorsport UK

Without the dedicated support of our
volunteer Marshals, British motorsport
could not continue as it does year after
year. As a Marshal, not only do you get
to be at the front of the action, but the
opportunity to volunteer for all of the
different disciplines that the sport has
to offer, including circuit racing, karting,
rally and speed events. There are so
many different aspects to marshalling
from dealing with incidents, to
managing spectators, to making sure
the assembly area is running efficiently.
You can experience a wide variety of
different roles and events across a
range of venues and find out which
role you like best.
Spending a day marshalling is a great
way to experience motorsport in a
different light. Not only do you directly
contribute towards the running of the
sport, but you get a unique insight
into the work that goes on behind

the scenes that is not shown on TV,
featured online, or in magazines.

Who can do it?
Becoming a Marshal is open to
everyone, and Cadet Marshals can
begin their marshalling journey from
as young as 11-years-old. There is no
upper age limit for being a Marshal
and duties can be tailored to an
individual’s circumstances.
Motorsport UK has recently launched
a Registered Marshal Accreditation
Course on its online learning platform,
the Learning Hub. This course
is designed to give everyone an
introduction to the roles available, as
well as some of the responsibilities
they can expect to be given when
marshalling. Having undertaken
this course before registering,
Motorsport UK is able to ensure that
all its Marshals are supported with
a basic level of training in order to

maintain the safety of volunteers and
competitors. After completing the
course, it is easy to register, and you
can complete the process online by
heading over to the Members’ Area on
the website and filling out your details.
Each Registered Marshal receives a
membership card and tabard from
Motorsport UK so that they can start
participating in the action.

A growing success
Since the course was launched in
August 2021, over 750 new Marshals
have registered with Motorsport UK
for the first time. Of these, a quarter
identify as female, and over a third
are under the age of 30. These figures
highlight the increasing diversity of our
volunteers and underline the sport’s
accessibility – showing that people
from any background can volunteer and
get involved in motorsport in the UK.

Join the community!
Becoming a Registered Marshal with Motorsport UK is not just
for those starting out on their motorsport journey. If you have
been marshalling for a year, three years, or even thirty years, we
encourage all Marshals to undertake the online training and to
register with Motorsport UK. For more information, please visit


Revolution - March 2022