Take part in Circuit Racing
There are many different categories of Circuit Racing, some which are ideal for beginners and
others that are more suited to people who have racing laps under their belt. To pick what is
right for you, do your research, both online and through speaking to people involved. Popular
categories across the UK include Fiesta STs, Minis and MX5s.



Do you need to buy a car and if so, how do you get one?

What are the general costs of Circuit Racing?

You can hire a car through ‘arrive and drive’ packages, which
is a good way to get a taste for a particular series. If you
want to buy something, talk to other people, and look at the
Facebook groups of circuits and race series, where there are
often people selling cars. There can be a lot of interest in
these, though, so you must be quick off the mark.

Costs can vary massively depending on the series, but most
have the same basic requirements – a club membership,
championship registration and race entry fees. Then there
is the cost of the consumables such as brakes, tyres, fluids,
and fuel, as well as any travel and accommodation. As an
example, Kev estimates racing in Mazda MX5s will cost
around £2,750 for a season of eight rounds, with roughly
£1,500 consumables costs over the year. Lucy’s Fiesta STs
budget is roughly £1,000 for a race weekend including
everything – transport, fuel, tyres, entry fees, and so on.

What makes a good car?
Whatever the series, pick a car wisely and make sure you
know its history. Make sure it has been well prepared
and maintained. All being well, it will then be relatively
inexpensive to continue to run, maintain and repair.

Do you need to prepare the car?
Even if you buy a pre-raced car, you will usually need to do
something, whether it is new pads or tyres or just a simple
tune-up. If you buy a donor car – a road car that needs to be
converted – there is clearly a lot more to do. You can prep a car
yourself if you are skilled enough to get it to the level to pass
scrutineering, or you can hire a company to do that for you.

What other kit do you need?

How far around the country do you have to go?
If you live near a circuit and pick the right category, you
could find a good number of races to compete in without
even travelling far. To take part in a full championship,
however, you will often have to do long distances and stay
overnight. For example, Lucy only races at Knockhill while
Kev goes to all the major UK circuits, from Brands Hatch
in the south to Knockhill in the north; Anglesey in the
west to Snetterton in the east.

The main things are a helmet, HANS device, race suit,
gloves, and boots. All of these must be in date and meet the
current safety regulations. Check reviews to find the best
kit and speak to others in your club or series, as they can be
knowledgeable not only about the things you need but also
things you do not. As a Motorsport UK member, look at the
member partners for possible discounts.


Revolution - July 2022